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The STUFFit Student Film Festival is a nation-wide event held annually on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It is a festival run by students for students. An enthusiastic and dedicated group of students (Yr 9-12) and adult facilitators comprise the STUFFit Student Management Team. Every year, entries are received from high school students across Australia, ranging from engaging Documentaries to hilarious comedic Live Films. The festival showcases the amazing talents of young people in film making, whether it be acting, producing, directing, writing and more. STUFFit has now run successfully for the past 3 years, and we are looking forward to the 2015 festival. The date has been set, so save the date! Entries for the 2015 STUFFit Student Film Festival are due 29 June 2015, with an Early Bird date of 25 May 2015. Good luck in creating, writing, casting, filming and editing your films!


To maintain the fairness that we, here at the STUFFit cave, pride ourselves on, we shall now reveal the laws that have been laid out thousands of years ago and maintained each year by the secret fellowship of Stuffiteers.

  1. STUFFit Film Festival is a Film Festival designed purely for high school students. This means that an entrant must be attending high school when their film is entered into the festival. There are special exceptions to this, such as homeschooled students, and these will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.
  2. All of the key positions in the creation of the film must be held by high school students. These roles include:
    • Producer
    • Director
    • Cinematographer/Director of Photography
    • Production Designer
    • Composer
    • Sound Designer
    • Editor
    • Special Effects Supervisor
    • Lead Actors
  3. If an entrant creates a film while in Year 9 and it is screened the next year, it is still classified in the ‘Junior’ categories. This is also the case for entrants in Year 12, whose films screen the following year, in which case,  the films will be classified in the ‘Senior’ category.
  4. All music must be have copyright permission attained, be royalty free, or be an original composition. For more information on attaining copyright, please visit:http://www.aria.com.au/pages/licensing-faq.htm
  5. There should not be an excessive or unnecessary degree of profanity, nudity or violence in the films. Gun fights and fist fights are allowed, if these scenes contribute to the overall story of the movie.
  6. All films that have adhered to the above rules WILL be screened in some capacity during the festival. Films in breach of the rules will be shown at the discretion of the STUFFit management team.

*ALL shortlisted films will be screened during the festival at the venue.


Generally, the only rule for students to remember when entering the STUFF it Film Festival is that all crew (without exception) must be high school students or equivalent to high school students and preference will be given to films with predominantly students in acting roles. This is to ensure an even playing field for all involved. For a full list of rules and conditions for entry, please see the rules section.


The STUFFit Student Film Festival is a non-profit organisation that gives high school students around Australia the opportunity to share their innovative ideas and interests through film, animation and game creation. The STUFFit management team is made up of 14 students and 3 adult facilitators who volunteer their time and effort in this outside of school project.  This has also given them invaluable experience learning business, marketing and event organisation.

Donating or sponsoring the STUFFit Student Film Festival ensure that his unique film festival will continue.  It will also give aspiring young filmmakers across Australia the chance to have their work shown on the big screen and increasing their opportunities in the future.

By sponsoring the STUFFit Student Film Festival, you will be providing valuable opportunities for young people interested in all aspects of filmmaking.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

The official STUFFit sponsorship packs are:

POPCORN($50- $500)
Your company logo will be placed on:

-          The film screen during the event

-          The official STUFFit Film Festival Program

RED CARPET($500-$1,000)
Your company logo will be placed on:

-          Our website (www.stuffitfilmfest.com)

-          The film screen during the event

-          The official STUFFit Film Festival Program and all other major advertising: posters, flyers, local newspapers and social networking.

GOLD CLASS(over $1,000)
Your company logo will be placed on:

-          Our website (www.stuffitfilmfest.com), which can also have a direct link to your website if requested.

-          The film screen during the event

-          The whole screen when sponsoring a particular category of awards

-          Acknowledgement of sponsorship at the formal presentation of awards

-          The official STUFFit Film Festival Program and all other major advertising: posters, flyers, local newspapers and social networking

-          The official STUFFit Film Festival Merchandise


  1. What is the time restraint on entries?
    There is no time restraint. We don’t want to curb your creativity with such trivial details, whether its two minutes long or feature length, we want to see it.
  2. What are the rules on using music made by other people?
    Ultimately we would love you to use original music (there are actually awards specifically for this). However, we know in some circumstances this is not possible. In such cases we ask you to use royalty free music or get permission from the recording company.  More information on this can be found at:
  3. What happens if I mail my entry before the due date but it doesn’t arrive until after the due date?
    As long as your entry is postmarked by the due date, your entry will be accepted with no problems.
  4. Is there a theme?
    No! We want anything and this allows it to be open to all schools across Australia. We don’t want to limit your ideas and creativity in any way.
  5. What are the categories?
    -   Live film (Junior/Senior)
    -   Animation (Junior/Senior)
    -   Documentary (Junior/Senior)
    -   Feature Film
    -   Music Video
    -   Experimental Film
    -   Interactive Media
  6. Can you enter more than once?
    Yes, you can enter as many times as you would like, however you need to pay the entry fee for each new film submitted.
    If you submit one film in more than one category, you only pay the fee once; however will only be recognised in one category.


STUFFit Student Film Festival

PO Box 4745

Nambour MC

Qld 4560


Phone: 07 5441 5666 (ask for Jasmine McCaul)

Email: admin@stuffitfilmfest.com





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